Colson Coupe

The Colson Coupe has been a long time coming,  The chassis under the Colson Coupe was built a few years back here at DSS for a drag project that got scrapped away,  we salvaged up the chassis, made it more street friendly, and drew up a plan with Mr Colson to get his Coupe on it.  New cowl patches, quarter patches, and fender well were installed,  we built new floors front to back.  It then got a mild 2 1/2" chop.

Lou Thompson Coupe


Lackey Coupe

The Lackey Coupe came into the shop for a complete Dirtys Speed Shop 32 chassis, a 5" Chop top, rust repairs that included, quarter patches, new wheel wells, firewall mods, and new floors, as well as brake and fuel lines.  We are currently in the process of getting the wiring installed

Arnette 34